War at the Shore Triathlon

War at the Shore Triathlon

“Face it, you’re awesome!” was one of the cheers that dozens of Church of God volunteers used to encourage approximately 370 athletes of the 19th Running of the War at the Shore Triathlon on Sunday, July 13th.


Volunteers came ready with a battle shout that echoed, “VICTORY!”


Energy levels were high in the Long Branch city of New Jersey as the athletes gathered at the beach for their first challenge – swimming.


They went into the water with uplifting cheers of encouragement coming from the volunteers. When they returned, Church of God volunteers waited for them with even more enthusiasm and met the athletes with shouts of encouragement.


“Victory! You got that victory!”


“They were awesome! Great support after the swim where they provided a boost while we were climbing the stairs and heading to transition,” said one of the triathletes about the volunteers.


Triathletes gained energy and renewed their strengths now for the rest second part of their adventure.


Church of God members made every effort to show support and uplift the spirits, not only of the competitors but everyone who was working in unity to make this event a great success – the event staff and other participating volunteers.


“You guys jumped right in wherever it was needed. There were water stops, you were on it. When you wanted things to look a little bit better, you made it look a little bit better,” said Linda Sweeney, Coordinator for Split Second Racing, who also highlighted the impact of the volunteers at the end of the race. “I stood at the finish line many times and they couldn’t help but smile because they were like ‘oh my goodness! This is so exciting coming…you guys made them smile very easily. It was very great. Thank you very much for being here.”


“The volunteers, I must say, this year really stood out! All the years I’ve been doing it, this is definitely the year where the volunteers have made it enthusiastic, provided the most energy and the most inspiration,” said Paul Weber, a triathlete for twenty-two years and competitor in all nineteen War at the Shore triathlons. “They are heartfelt, genuine, and I feel the energy they have got really helped all the participants and the racers.”


“First of all, it’s energy. It’s totally energy! And everybody feels it,” said Doug Rice, Founder and Race Director for Split Second Racing. “Besides being the nicest people in the world, helping us with everything, your energy is fabulous. And I think that is the great part of having you guys here.”


With the desire to continue spreading the love of Heavenly Mother, the volunteers helped staff break down and clean up the beach post event. The Church of God volunteers hope that their deeds left a lasting impression in the hearts of all the event staff and triathletes.


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  1. Wilmer July 21, 2014 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Being part of this event was so moving. I want to participate in many more.

  2. James Howard July 21, 2014 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    Wow, truly Father and Mother were greatly glorified during this event. How amazing the Love of our Father and Mother is!

  3. Kathy Lee August 23, 2014 at 12:35 pm - Reply

    The runners must have been so encouraged and happy! The love of the members touches the hearts of the community!

  4. Talique December 17, 2015 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    The energy from this event was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Through the cheering and excitement from the Church of God members it really gave the runners motivation to continue to strive for their goal and push forward.

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