Van Dyk Manor

Van Dyk Manor

In the cold winter of January 2011, members of the World Mission Society Church of God visited Van Dyk Manor in Ridgewood, NJ to spread the love of Heavenly Mother with the slogan “We Love You!” All those involved shared a graceful and uplifting time with each other. Wintertime can have a physically depressing atmosphere, so the Church of God members made sure to wear their bright smiles in order to spread warmth and encouragement.

The residents and staff of Van Dyk Manor were absolutely thrilled to have the group entertain and liven up the afternoon. They danced and sang, taking into consideration what their audience would appreciate and enjoy the most. Residents communicated that they felt extremely special having the group cater to their interests. They appreciated that the volunteers took time out of their busy schedules to do something for others. Employees of Van Dyk were shocked and extremely moved to see the excitement on the faces of the residents. Many of the residents had been depressed. One in particular explained that she had been feeling “down in the dumps,” but the performances by the members of the Church of God raised her spirits.

The members themselves felt thankful to be involved in this community service activity. They experienced the love and joy of selflessly giving unto others, a teaching of Heavenly Mother. Through this experience, they undoubtedly pleased God, who gave us the example of serving others rather than being served.

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