Answering the Call of Hunger

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Answering the Call of Hunger

Church of God Delivers more than 5,000 lbs. of Canned Food to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey

September is Hunger Awareness Month. In New Jersey, where nearly 12 percent of residents suffer from hunger and currently one in five children is food insecure, the World Mission Society Church of God in Ridgewood gathered its members together to organize a canned food giveaway to the State’s premier hunger-relief charity, Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Eager to participate and help, members took time off their busy schedules early on the morning of September 5th and gathered their strength to load more than 150 boxes of canned goods into the FoodBank’s large pickup truck.

The effort was actually the last of a 50,000-pound canned food giveaway that started in late 2012 as part of the Church’s Good Samaritan Movement. The Movement was a   year-long campaign of carrying out good deeds and sharing love with communities through volunteerism and selfless service. One of those movements was known as the Food of Life Campaign to help feed the hungry.

Delivering food of life is twofold for members of the Church of God, who closely follow the Scriptures. Physically, the purpose helped those in need—and who better to do it than those who have. From a spiritual viewpoint, members were eager to deliver God’s love and saw the donation as a symbol of feeding hungry souls with the message of the New Covenant Passover established by Christ.

An earnest desire to spread that message and help others was the motivation behind the Movement, which was put into practice by more than 30 branches of the World Mission Society Church of God on the East Coast. More than 700 members worked in unity to gather food from various sources: door-to-door donations, grocery store pick-ups, fundraisers, and personal donations. The result was a monumental collection totaling more than 50,000 pounds with a final distribution this past Thursday with the donation of the remaining 5,000 pounds.

Andreina Acevedo, a youth group member of the Church stated, “Through food, we can feel the love of our mother who always prepares for her children wholeheartedly. We always look forward to that love when we return home from a long day. I just hope that through this food, others who are hungry will be able to feel our Heavenly Mother’s love and feel comforted with a warm meal.”

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