Plumb Beach Cleanup

Plumb Beach Cleanup

In keeping with the footsteps of the Good Samaritan, Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem, the volunteers of The World Mission Society Church of God have dedicated themselves to improving communities across the globe through different environmental cleanups. As the planet becomes more and more polluted by the irreversible damage caused by human footprint, these volunteers have hope that by participating in cleanups in communities in every pocket of the globe where Church of God members are found, the planet will become a better place to live. On June 14, 2009, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God in New York joined with the Jamaica Bay Guardian and the American Littoral Society to hold a beach cleanup of Plumb Beach in Brooklyn, NY.

Plumb Beach is located along the north shore of Rockaway Inlet in Brooklyn. Its name was given because of the beach plums that grow wild in the area. Because the beach is not clean enough it is not safe enough for recreational swimming. It is often subjected to heavy beach erosion and many small boats are often abandoned in the area.

On this day, over 100 volunteers gathered to clean up Plumb Beach with the intent of improving the environment in the area and provide its ecosystem a clean place to live. The volunteers picked up old tires, big pieces of lumber, cans and bottles, and different kinds of debris that covered this shoreline. All kinds of waste had washed ashore and the volunteers removed these with bright smiles knowing that their work would make a difference in the world.



As Barabra Cohen, the NY State Coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup, stated, “Never in any of our cleanups did we ever have as large a group as this group from Church of God and as enthusiastic a group, exciting young people who are involved in the environment and doing a fantastic job today at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn. The amount of debris they picked up from this beach that had been really littered with all kinds of debris – cigarette buds, plastic bags, water bottles, and cans of soda – is now relatively perfect and we’re very grateful for that.”


In no time, the volunteers of the Church of God cleaned up the beach and collected dozens of bags ensuring that they were later properly disposed. Don Riepe, Jamaica Bay Guardian of the American Littoral Society also commended the volunteers for their great job of cleaning up the beach.

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