Mother’s Warm Love Melts the Cold Winter

///Mother’s Warm Love Melts the Cold Winter

Mother’s Warm Love Melts the Cold Winter

In this modern age where both parents in a household work arduously to provide for their children, at times there are not many opportunities for families to spend quality time together. Even more so, the winter, with its grey skies and frosty chill, has the potential to foster feelings of melancholy and a longing for the warmth of spring and summer. However, there is a love that is unaffected by the bitter winds; it is the love of a mother. Knowing and understanding this, the World Mission Society Church of God decided to share Heavenly Mother’s love with neighbors and families in a special concert entitled, “Mother’s Warm Love Melts the Cold Winter.”

This very special event took place on January 23, 2011 at the Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, NJ where more than 300 families and local neighbors gathered for a full day of performances, food and lots of fun! Pastor Daniel Lee of the Church of God in Ridgewood introduced the event by expressing the importance of a mother’s nurturing love for her children. The unconditional love and endless sacrifice of a mother cannot be equaled. Through the innate concern that mothers have for the well-being of their children, the endless love and concern that Heavenly Mother has for Her children can be clearly seen. Experts in the field, Dr. Elayne Weitz from Associates in Psychological Services, in Somerville, and Dr. Debra Castaldo from The Center for Couples and Family Solutions in Englewood also confirmed the importance of a family bond and the irreplaceable love of mother for her children.

The event was a one of a kind exploration of family values as depicted through delightful dances, children’s skits and choir performances. Each performance touched on the power of love and unity in a divided world and taught beautiful lessons of sharing with others and giving with “Mother’s Mind:” selflessly and joyfully. Concluding the performance, the audience gathered in the cafeteria where Church of God members had set up unique games and delicious foods to further inspire family unity under Mother’s warm love. Homemade treats and foods bordered the walls as children jumped to play games and line up for face painting. Joyful banter could be heard throughout the middle school and the event was a most memorable time for all. Attendees enjoyed the performances and especially appreciated the time they were able to spend with their families as facilitated by the World Mission Society Church of God. The Church of God hopes to continue its efforts to shine the love of Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem in more activities such as these.

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