Kids Triathlon for Bob Kelleher

////Kids Triathlon for Bob Kelleher

Kids Triathlon for Bob Kelleher

Cheering Children to Victory in Rumson, NJ

It only takes a small spark to start a large fire.

The same proved true for the members of the Church of God who went out Sunday, June 15th, to the 5th Annual Kids Triathlon for Bob Kelleher in Rumson, NJ. With just fifteen members on hand to cheer, they came ready with energy and excitement enough to inspire the close to two hundred triathletes (ages 9 to 14) who participated in the race, as well as the several hundred parents and spectators.

The race commenced at 7:45 AM with the swimming heat of the competition. With a loud voice, the squad work up the crowd with sounds of cheering. From the swimming competition, to biking and running, the cheerers were lined up and ready to meet the triathletes at every turn with a shout of “VICTORY!”

The cheer squad remained full of enthusiasm all the way to the end of the race. This motivated the young triathletes and renewed their energy as they raced past the members who shouted, “Face it, you’re awesome!”

“I don’t know how you were able to cheer for the entire hour and a half,” said Doug Rice, Founder of Split Second Racing. With the power of unity and God’s love, the volunteers of the Church of God brought inspiration and a new hope for the athletes of tomorrow.

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