Fort Tryon Cleanup

Fort Tryon Cleanup

As the seasons change, the landscape changes accordingly. Most regions in the world have very slight or no change in season, but the Northeastern region of the United States experiences very drastic climatic changes during the year. From freezing subzero winters to sweltering summers, the alternating weather patterns provide for a unique biome. New York City has it all, and maintaining this great city’s delicate ecosystem requires abundant resources and time. New York City depends largely on volunteers to maintain its large tracts of green space, to repair areas that have become fallow requires even greater amounts of resource.

As part of its continuous efforts to address environmental issues in the New York Area, the Church of God participated in a Spring Preparation Cleanup at the Fort Tryon Park in Inwood (New York, NY). On March 13, 2011, the volunteer core of the Church of God arrived on location early on Sunday morning to perform the cleanup task. In past decades, Fort Tryon, a historic and scenic landmark, fallen into disrepair due to poor funding. The old fort, which dates back to the Revolutionary War, has begun to be restored in recent decades, and the volunteers of the Church of God wanted to make the restoration goal more attainable.

In preparation for spring, the volunteers removed weeds to beautify the park, as well as all other kinds of human waste. Due to poor policing, the park had become a niche for a range of illicit activities, all leaving behind their human footprint. Understanding the importance of this historic site and unique ecosystem, the volunteers of the Church of God went to work quickly and, despite the small numbers, achieved remarkable success. Like a mother who would want the best for her children, the Church of God members, earnestly wanting to emulate Heavenly Mother, wanted to beautify this park area, to help it become the pride of the region and preserve it for posterity.

Through the grace of God the Father and God the Mother, substantial progress has been achieved. Yet, there is still much work to be done in this vast area. The members of the Church of God performed this environmental task with joy and gladness. The restoration, preservation and enhancement efforts in this area will continue. Following the example of Heavenly Mother, who is the Good Samaritan, the volunteers are eager to lend a helping hand when needed and are looking forward to participating more frequently in this location.

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