Family Barbecue in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

///Family Barbecue in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Family Barbecue in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, members of the Church of God in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico invited family and friends to a barbecue. Through this time spent together, family members learned more about the Church of God and understood the power of Heavenly Mother’s love.

As the guests arrived, members greeted them with bright faces and loving smiles. Guests played games, engaged in different activities and watched members of the Church perform. To familiarize the guests with the works of the Church of God, guests watched a video that displayed the good deeds of the Church around the world. The volunteer services, which are inspired by the love of Heavenly Mother, moved the guests. Guests began to view the Church through a new lens – the lens of love, charity and compassion that members have learned from Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. The audience was left in awe.

A member’s father, who was visiting the Church for the first time, was extremely impressed by the deeds of the Church of God. He commented, “Now, I feel proud that my daughter assists the World Mission Society Church of God!” He was even inspired to want to participate in future community service events.

Another member’s grandmother, who is not yet a Church of God member herself, also said, “Now, seeing you guys, how beautiful you act and behave…from now on, I want my granddaughter to keep coming to this Church!” She was so moved by the love exuding from the members that the next day she insisted other family members that they must also attend the Church of God.

Following the barbecue, many of the guests stayed to study the Bible and some even decided to become Church members themselves through baptism. Everyone invited considered the event a success since the deep love of God was felt through the members and reciprocated through the guests.

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  1. Keishla March 11, 2014 at 3:23 am - Reply

    How beautiful it is when God unites the family with love, this true miracle happened this day. By showing acts of love to family members that, at the beginning didn’t even want to open a Bible, hearts melted and were shown the love of God the Mother. By following the footsteps and teachings from God the Mother, many can now realize the love of God and be closer to salvation.

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