Family Appreciation Dinner

///Family Appreciation Dinner

Family Appreciation Dinner

Family: Father and Mother, I Love You

Families are the foundation of society and one of the most important systems on this earth. To show love and appreciation for families, the World Mission Society Church of God held its Family Appreciation Dinner in the Ridgewood Church.

With more than 160 guests in attendance, the sanctuary – which was transformed into a performance hall – overflowed with joy and laughter.

Pastor Daniel Lee opened the event with an expression of thanks for all the families’ hard work and sacrifice to raise their children, who are now great role models in society as well as beautiful members of the Church of God.

Following Pastor Lee’s speech, the Church played its Hurricane Sandy volunteer video showing families how their loved ones are helping and changing people’s lives through their selfless actions.

Families also learned more about the Church of God through its introduction video. Good deeds, such as the ones taken after Hurricane Sandy, are occurring all over the world. Heavenly Mother encourages all members to serve and love others as themselves. As a result, approximately 2.2 million members of the Church of God are regularly giving back to the global community.

Families were extremely impressed and  moved by the Church’s positive influence on society. Many opened their minds – and their hearts – wider to listen to the message of God the Mother.

The evening continued with performances from Church members. A brother and sister performed a duet. The Church’s youth group entertained the crowd with their choreography. For the finale, the New York Church of God Choir & Orchestra performed a set of New Songs, beautiful melodies that poetically express the love of Elohim God.

Before dinner, the Church of God delivered the seminar “Heavenly Family, Earthly Family,” which explains why God created the family system – to be a copy and shadow of the heavenly family system. The Church of God believes families to be especially important  because it teaches everyone about the importance of the spiritual family. As a family cannot exist without a father and a mother, the Church of God teaches the existence of God the Father and God the Mother as testified in the Bible.

The Church’s banquet team served guests a buffet-style potluck dinner. Members wholeheartedly prepared international dishes for their and other members’ families to enjoy. As guests walked down the aisle of food, smiles lit up their faces. They were thinking about how their loved one prepared food for not only them, but others as well.

During dinner, guests watched in delight as video messages that Church members dedicated to their families played. Members thanked their family for coming to the banquet and always supporting them. Emotions ran high as families were able to understand and appreciate Heavenly Mother’s example and teachings displayed by the Church of God members.

To commemorate this Family Appreciation Dinner, the Church presented all families with gift baskets filled with tokens of appreciation to remind them of the evening spent in loving company. These gestures were enough for families to inquire more about the Church, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

For Church members, this was the most rewarding part of the night. Families who were not Church members, stayed to study the Bible and were reborn as children of God the Father and God the Mother. The entire event was filled with the love of Heavenly Mother who does Her best to concern about all souls and lead them to salvation.

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  1. Gabriel February 14, 2014 at 2:34 am - Reply

    This event was incredibly awesome for me. My mom really enjoyed it and complemented all the performances and banquet.
    She even got to enjoy her favorite song being performed, “I will survive”. I’m glad she was able to come cause she lives about 2 hours away and was a bit tired but she said she felt so much better after the event.

  2. Lester February 15, 2014 at 3:44 am - Reply

    This event was beautiful from the performances to the family dinner it was really good to the smiling face not only from the members who helped out but it was moving to see the smiling faces of the family members who attended..what was also touching was the video letters it was a very unique way of showing the family members appreciation for coming to this event.

  3. Sabrina February 22, 2014 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    I was so excited for my father-in-law to come to this event! He met many of the members of the Church of God and really enjoyed his time watching the performances. The day was filled with laughter and happiness and I myself enjoyed it as well. The banquet that was held after the performances was also so well prepared and the food served was delicious! You could tell the members put in a lot of time and effort to make the food delicious and the presentation so elegant. Now, my father-in-law has a different perspective of the church and has curiosity to learn more about the teachings of God. He is also planning on coming in the future!

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