Church of God Hosts Special Mother’s Day Tribute

///Church of God Hosts Special Mother’s Day Tribute

Church of God Hosts Special Mother’s Day Tribute

In today’s globalized world where time is limited and life is rushed, the moments spent with family and the memories shared become precious jewels to the heart. States may separate us and schedules might hinder us, but when family comes together it becomes a special event that sparks an unbreakable bond and reignites the spirit of consideration, love and acceptance.

With this in mind, the World Mission Society Church of God, which teaches the importance of family—both in Heaven and on Earth— held a special Mother’s Day event at several of its branch Churches on the East Coast this past May 2013. The event, followed by a seminar, was held to honor the love and sacrifice of mothers who make every effort throughout their lives to raise their children despite all difficulties and pains. Church of God members from the Washington, DC and Ridgewood, NJ branches celebrated this occasion respectively with family members who drove states away to be with their children. In fact, each of these two locations became home to more than 100 mothers who came from all over the country, even 13 and 14 hours away, to share this exclusive day with their loved ones.

Hoping that each family member would be able to feel the love of God and of course the earnest love of their children, church members created a homemade banquet with all kinds of foods from diverse cultures. Overnight planning and preparation of handmade cakes, hors d’oeuvres and exquisite dishes brought color, life and personal connection to the event. Crystal dishes containing more than 10 different kinds of hors d’oeuvres were arrayed beautifully on glittering tables decorated with fresh flowers along with traditional Hispanic entrees such as “papa a la huancaína” (Peruvian potato salad), and “arroz con gandules” (traditional Puerto Rican rice). Church members dressed as professional wait staff served more traditional dishes like chicken marsala with white rice and caesar salad. For dessert, attendees enjoyed 7 different cakes including 5 homemade traditional cakes from the Dominican and 2 special desert cakes with fresh fruit toppings and homemade ice cream.

Families had an opportunity to tour the church, play games and most importantly, partake in a special seminar, which featured the stories of 8 mothers who risked their own lives to save their children. These stories depicted the sacrifice of a mother and willingness to give her life for her children. The seminar also stressed the importance of all mankind not only realizing this love, but also understanding the will of God in creating it. This love was compared to the love of Heavenly Mother, who is testified in the Bible to be the Savior in our time. Audience members were moved to tears and were eager to return to participate in Bible studies to learn more about Heavenly Mother.

Meanwhile, the parents at the DC branch church had been asked to bring photo albums and tell stories of their past. Slightly embarrassed by the exposure, members tried to hide their faces, but the event became a time of laughter and beautiful moments that had long been forgotten. Parents felt great joy, happiness and comfort at the church. The day was complete with smiles and laughter and many mothers gave personal testimony about their children who had become mature, well-kept adults with great jobs and a wonderful purpose of sharing the love of Mother with the world.

The seminars conducted at both churches painted a clear picture for mothers to see just how valuable they are in the eyes of their children and how much God’s purpose even through the Bible is to find and rebuild the spiritual family lost from Heaven. As seen through the family on this earth, it is the love of Mother that nurtures, sacrifices and makes every effort to advance the lives of her children. This is why the members of the Church of God, under the Love of Heavenly Mother, make every effort to follow Her example and deliver Her love to the world. Appreciating the love of Heavenly Mother who makes every effort to give Her life rather than receive and who stays up all night praying for Her children, members of the Church of God are always eager to share all they have learned with family members.

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