Englewood Walk for Awareness

////Englewood Walk for Awareness

Englewood Walk for Awareness



How do you cheer up more than 1,000 participants walking for the hope of finding a cure to a life-threatening disease?

About 200 volunteers from four branch locations of the World Mission Society Church of God joined the Englewood Medical Center to tackle that great task at the Walk for Awareness: Our Fight Against Breast Cancer. Volunteers came from the branch churches in Ridgewood, Botoga, Edgewater and Central Jersey.

The members’ primary purpose for the day’s event was to display Heavenly Mother’s love by coming together to cheer on and support those who have been deeply affected by breast cancer.

In preparation for the walk, a pink balloon arch waved in the wind as herds of people steadily flowed in. Even Church of God members started to trickle in by the dozens until a sea of yellow spread throughout the vast field of the Hospital’s front yard. A blue Church of God tent was set up to offer information to curious walkers and was used as a signal area where members could gather for the day.


As the morning progressed, volunteers helped set up chairs and tables, organize waters and snacks for walkers and even geared up to clean bathroom facilities throughout the day. Their efforts were noticed even by the President of the hospital who returned and gave glory to God by thanking Church members for their efforts.

Hoping to really inspire neighbors, each of the branch Churches there united to work on the best possible cheer that could bring hope and also send a message of love to energize people toward victory over illness.

Shouts spoken with one voice could be heard from almost half a mile away saying, “H-O-P-E! Hope! H-O-P-E! Hope! Let’s walk together hand-in-hand! H-O-P-E! Hope! Against breast cancer take a stand! H-O-P-E! Hope! We fight! We hope for a new life too! Hope!” These words rang throughout the 5K loop that went around the city of Englewood and spurred thanksgiving from the walkers who had never experienced this kind of support.

Motivated by the love of Heavenly Mother, volunteers said they were running an errand for God to bring happiness to the world and share peace throughout their communities. In doing so, the members wanted to plant seeds of consideration and love for others that will blossom into continued volunteerism everywhere in New Jersey and throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.

One of the Church of God volunteers commented, “Today people are very alienated from one another and may not realize what others feel or are most affected by. We hope that by sharing in the sufferings of others, we can work together to unite as a community and love and understand one another more.”

Moira Sullivan Renke, Manager of Special Events at the Englewood Hospital, mentioned about the Church, “Your group made everyone feel blessed and loved today! You brought our event to a whole new level, augmenting it in ways we cannot thank you enough for.”

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