Clean World Campaign at Plumb Beach

Clean World Campaign at Plumb Beach

This spring the World Mission Society Church of God in New York launched its Good Samaritan Movement aimed at changing the world one volunteer service at a time.

Now as part of the Movement and as we prepare for the Passover Feast of God, more than one hundred volunteers united to participate in the Clean World Campaign at Plumb Beach. On the same day, churches of God around the world cleaned up in their regions. That’s more than one thousand locations in over 150 countries cleaning up the whole world at one time.

That Sunday morning, volunteers arrived at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn dressed in bright yellow shirts and green vests. Seeing filth covering a beautiful beach, they knew there was a lot of work to be done. Once a popular beach, Plum is now a site for abandoned boats and garbage that washes up ashore and the sand is littered with broken glass bottles and cigarette butts.

One volunteer came across a large wrecked motor boat that he clearly could not move on his own. A loud call for “Brothers” was heard and what seemed impossible for one person to accomplish became possible when about a dozen volunteers worked in unity to remove the boat. Several other boats were removed from the beach in the same fashion.

Other volunteers formed assembly lines to carry piles of heavy garbage off shore. One by one the Church of God volunteers’ efforts became a testament to the power of unity.

Don Riepe, Director of the American Littoral Society, who has witnessed the work of the Church of God for years now, commented, “You all are going to make a believer out of me. We could have never done this without all of you!”

The reality is that volunteers always rely on the power of God to carry out all of our community service efforts – big and small. As we continue to carry out volunteer activities, we hope to follow the example of Christ, who has already come a second time and keep the Teachings of Heavenly Mother so that others will come to realize God.

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