Breezy Point Beach

Breezy Point Beach

The marshlands and beach areas around the New York Harbor have, for decades, been overlooked and neglected. Contamination of this ecosystem, lack of environmental protection and government mismanagement had left many of these areas, once the pride of the region, fallow. Only in recent years, with the creation of the National Park Service Gateway Recreation Area, the area had begun to recover from the effect of waste and contamination. However, many areas of the Long Island shoreline still remain strewn with waste and debris, a footprint of human occupation.

Seeing the decaying condition of this area, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God were more than willing and swift to lend a hand in the environmental efforts. Following the teachings and the example of Heavenly Mother, who cares for the people and global issues like a loving mother cares for her household, the members of the Church of God are more than willing to invest their time to bring forth good results in the global village and give glory to Elohim God.

On March 20, 2011, a large volunteer core from the Church of God went to the littoral areas (marshes and beaches) that were still affected by human waste. The volunteer core, comprising over 300 members, worked in unity and with enthusiasm. The original target comprised only of the area around Breezy Point, Jamaica, NY. However, due to the unexpectedly high volunteer turnout, park officials decided to send a unit of the Church of God volunteer core to cover the area around Plumb Beach, Brooklyn, NY.

As a mother loves when her children live in harmony, the members of the Church of God understand that God is pleased to see the children of God working in unity to achieve a greater goal. The volunteers gathered around large wooden beams and removed them with ease. Moving them was an awesome feat of cooperation. In all this, the volunteers seemed neither undeterred nor fatigued.

“What is your profession?” “AH-HU, AH-HU, AH-HU!!!”

With the discipline of a Spartan and the unity of a phalanx, they quickly broke down into groups and started to work right away. There were many things that littered this once beautiful area, from household waste and recyclables to boat wreckage. The volunteers worked with joy and speed to bring out awesome results. Feeling their passion and energy, many of the outside organization observers were astonished to see their efficiency and unity.

One of the observers from the American Littoral Society was very pleased with the progress the members were making and compared the volunteer core with a working ant colony. He was particularly impressed with the volunteers’ determination, as they quickly dispatched seemingly immovable debris. Despite being told they were not required to move such large pieces, the volunteers replied with cries of “God is with us. We can do anything!”, constantly smiling and giving glory to God the Father and God the Mother.

Another observer was quick to note the majority of volunteers from the Church of God were young adult members. He was very touched at the sight of young people working to relieve the ailing ecosystem. “Many kids spend their time on themselves, doing bad things. It’s good to see young people caring about others, kids who are willing to make a difference,” he stated, “if all the kids were like these Church of God kids, we’d have no problems in this world.”

Unity was, like in all Church of God volunteer events, the main theme and the key to success. Through the cooperation of the members and the hand of God, whose stewardship guarantees our success, the volunteer core made remarkable progress in this environmental task in a short period of time. As Heavenly Mother is pleased when the children serve others, the members of the Church of God are not satisfied, despite many successes, and are looking forward to many other volunteer events where they can put their talents to good use, help others and shine the glory of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother in the United States and the world.

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