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World Mission Society Church of God Volunteers at Brooklyn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

As the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s beautiful cherry blossom trees glistened in the sunlight, budding with new life, thousands of people came to enjoy the garden’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. To ensure the visitors had a pleasant and comfortable experience, members from the World Mission Society Church of God were there to help with the admissions process.

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Botanic Garden Hosts Cherry Blossom Festival

About 100 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God volunteered at Sakura Matsuri to welcome visitors, distribute pamphlets, and answer questions about tickets.

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Worldwide Environmental Cleanup for Passover 2015

For the past seven years the World Mission Society Church of God and the American Littoral Society (ALS) have been working together to make the 13,000 acres of natural preserve in Jamaica Bay a sustainable habitat for wildlife and a serene getaway for the community.

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