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The Sabbath Day and God the Creator

Episode 28

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Heavenly Wedding Banquet

Episode 27

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I Have Already Come!

Episode 26

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The Word of God

Episode 25

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Marsh Planting in Jamaica Bay

Superstorm Sandy devastated the Rockaways leaving hundreds of families to piece together their destroyed homes and ruined memories. Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God wasted no time and spent more than two weeks helping families drain out flooded basements and salvage as much as possible. In the spring time, volunteers returned to the area and joined the American Littoral Society to plant salt marshes, which would help prevent future storm surges.

Heavenly Family

Episode 24

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Church of God Hosts Special Mother’s Day Tribute

In today's globalized world where time is limited and life is rushed, the moments spent with family and the memories shared become precious jewels to the heart. States may separate us and schedules might hinder us, but when family comes together it becomes a special event that sparks an unbreakable bond and reignites the spirit [...]

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