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City of Inglewood Councilor Thanks Church of God

Community Service Activity Receives Great Thanks from Government Official The World Mission Society Church of God regularly carries out community service work, such as hosting blood drives and performing environmental cleanups. In a routine cleanup, featuring over 300 members of the Church of God, Council Member Ralph L. Franklin reached out to thank to Church [...]

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City of Inglewood Officially Commends Church of God

Church of God Inglewood Cleanup Receives Commendation In addition to the written thanks from Council Member Ralph Franklin, the Church of God received an official Commendation from the City of Inglewood. The commendation reads as follows: "Commendation presented to the World Mission Society Church of God on the occasion of the City of Inglewood Community [...]

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Memphis Thanks Church of God

Memphis' Mayor Expresses Appreciation for Church of God For New Jerusalem Day, members of the World Mission Society Church of God organized a global environmental cleanup. Church of God members in Memphis, TN also participated in this event by cleaning its very own community. Following the event, the Mayor of Memphis presented a proclamation to [...]

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Clean Up Campaign Kicks-off the New Year

More than 300 volunteers gathered at the corner of Queen and Locust Street on January 30 to kick off a cleaning effort throughout Inglewood. Mayor James T. Butts, Councilman Ralph L. Franklin and other City leaders and workers partnered with members of the World Mission Society Church of God in the cleaning effort that covered the area [...]

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Mercy House Thanks Church of God

Church of God Orange County Donates to Mercy House Spreading Mother's love comes in different forms. Not only do members of the Church of God hold community cleanups, but also they make donations to organizations that can provide for the community as well. The Church of God in Orange County arranged a donation with Mercy [...]

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Denver Proclaims “Heavenly Jerusalem Day”

Mayor Michael Hancock Notices Church of God in Denver's Good Deeds Throughout the year, the Church of God in Denver has been carrying out numerous good deeds in the community. Finally, the Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, made a proclamation that moved the hearts of the members of the Church of God. In order to [...]

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